Track Your Sales Goals

Lemi enables you to stay on top of your business finances and sales and simplifies your admin operations with easy-to-use payment management and income bookkeeping. Everytime you sell on Lemi, your sales amounts appear on a database that is clear, concise and correct. 

Map. See all transactions made by your customers through a clear timeline. View your entire sales history by week, month or year. Perhaps you had a lull in sales between New Year’s Day and Valentine’s day while the rest of the year your sales skyrocketed. With this knowledge, you will be better prepared next year to boost sales during this slow time. For example, create more interesting promotions, offer more discounts, send some coupons to old customers, or invest in some advertising on Lemi to enhance your reach of new potential customers.

Organize. Your transaction history is easily be listed by customer to see who your most frequent buyer was, the amount they have spent, and how long they have been making purchases from you. Target a customer who is a big spender by offering a coupon because you know they love your products and might be tempted to make a purchase. Or, see who hasn’t bought from you in awhile, and get back in touch. 

Search.  View your overall transaction history by customer, date or item. Maybe you’re a caterer and you want to follow up with a customer on how they enjoyed their order, but you can’t remember the customer’s name, just the order date. Easily search the order date to find the correlating customer details to get in touch. 

Track. With Lemi, see all your sales and business revenue in one place to easily input sales figures in your accounting software or physical ledgers. Make sure you’re bringing in enough revenue to stay afloat, and meet your bottom line.