Sell Your Products

On Lemi Marketplace, we make your products and services stand out. When you list your products for sale on Lemi, you’re able to import images, include pricing, add a description and even place items in specific categories. Lemi’s SEO also works overtime to find you new customers. When doing a simple search for a product on Google or Yahoo, Lemi Marketplace appears as one of the top choices for shopping, making your product listings accessible to new customers for sales!

More Money, No Problem

Sell all your products in one place for free whether you have 5 products, or 500!  Lemi never charges for just listing your products and services, until you make a sale. When you do make a sale on Lemi, we take the smallest percentage possible, only 2% in commission for our services, so more money stays in your pocket. There are no monthly service fees for your microsite, no hidden fees, just your hard earned pesos!

Keep Organized and Updated

Our product listing makes all of your products look neat and uniform so customers find exactly what they are looking for, and so you show off your unique wares in a visually appealing way. Add as many or as few products and services as you like! Lemi’s products listing page is your online shop, made simple.  Easily list products, edit them and categorize according to type. Lemi also automatically creates SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit numbers) to keep your inventory organized. You can also input your own SKUs or numerical system for your convenience.

Check You Out!

We make it easy to add your shipping or delivery fees, or offer your products available for pickup. Whatever type of business you have, we have it covered to make sure your products get into the hands of your customers in the best way you see fit. When you sell through Lemi, you gain access to a local courier who calculates the delivery cost for your customer, and works out all the logistics so you can stay focused on your day-to-day. You can also choose which payment type you offer for your customers so that everyone can buy! We are constantly working to add new payment types to our platform.

Gift Around the Globe

Using Lemi Marketplace, expand the reach of your brand by making your products and services purchasable in your city, but still visible in over 90 countries. Products are searchable across Lemi by name and key words. Lemi also makes  it easy to bring over customers from your Facebook page or website to make a purchase via an embedded share link which directs straight to your product listings. Lemi makes it possible for people around the world to purchase products from you. We handle all the taxes, legals, and business operational challenges you might face in international transactions so you can focus on the sale. People in the USA, Australia, or Hong Kong can easily buy your products as gifts to their friends or loved ones in your city, giving your opportunity for new business a global reach.