Maintain a Loyalty Program

Lemi for Business knows customer loyalty is important, so we’ve provided a built-in tool for you to reward your best customers. Our rewards system is fully customizable, which offers incentive for you as well as for your customers.

Incentivize with Points & Rewards

Each time your customer purchases an item from you on Lemi, send them points or digital stamps to encourage them to become a frequent shopper. Your rewards system sets you apart from other shops and services that may not have these incentives in place, and in turn prompt future purchases from customers. 

Control the Parameters

Your loyalty rewards are under your control. Do you want to reward customers after they’ve hit a certain dollar amount, or after they’ve purchased from you a certain amount of times? The choice is yours! Maybe you run a coffee shop and give a free coffee after your customer has bought ten, or maybe you run a cake shop and it makes more sense to send a $10 off coupon after a customer has spent $100 in purchases. Lemi makes your loyalty rewards work for you.

Digital Stamp Card

When customers become part of your Loyalty Program, they get a digital stamp card in their in-app wallet, showing your logo and points earned. Customers can see their points and stamps add up, and how much they have to keep spending or buying to gain the reward. When you choose to upgrade to Silver, Lemi gives you full customization of a background image, custom theme and colors for your digital stamp cards.