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The buzz works: Word of mouth recommendations matter

Would you stick to a review you just read off a random website over a recommendation from a friend? Probably not. Word of mouth recommendations matter because they are genuine and authentic, based on real experiences and willingness to share. People generally leave reviews online because of negative experiences, to bring an establishment down. It’s an easy and convenient way to give “justice” to their negative experience—a tiny vengeance of some sort. Those kinds of reviews are not reliable because they stem from the need for self-preservation, not necessarily the need to help other people out. We believe that word of mouth recommendations are more reliable. Here’s why:

Recommendations as gifts

When you recommend a place or a product to someone, you’re imparting knowledge and above all, sharing a good experience. You want the other person to have a good time, just like what you had! You don’t get anything in return, you just give. It’s not selfish or self-serving, it’s just plain generous. 

The buzz goes on

A successful recommendation gives way to discussion—people sharing different experiences of a place. When someone tries out something you recommended, the person will share the experience with you, and to others as well. It’s going to be a pay-it-forward scenario that is filled with positivity and sharing. 

Empowerment through sharing

When you give a recommendation, it means that you value the person you give it to. Why else would you share if you didn’t? The person’s opinion matters to you, and you are empowering that person to speak about what they think. You might even get a recommendation back, who knows? It will then be a chain of positive interactions that work for you, the people around you, and the establishments being buzzed about.

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