Lemi for Trip-Planning

Plan meaningful trips with genuine recommendations, user-friendly features, and a rich catalog of all the information you need! Lemi makes your trip seamless by allowing you to create, discover, and share inspired itineraries.

Discover, Plan, Go

Lemi is your one-stop app for all things travel. There are tons of recommendations from community members all across the globe. Add these recommendations to your list, along with wishlist items, and even memories to help make your trip fully-loaded and convenient. Lemi automatically maps and calculates distances, too, making it easier and faster for you to move around your destination. Plan the perfect trip with inspired recommendations, handy utilities, and a friendly global community.

Details Matter

Now that you’ve planned your trip, you need to know tiny details—like where the landmark you plan to visit is located or when the store you wish to buy souvenirs from is open. At Lemi, all the details about a place are strategically saved within every post. Go to your list, tap on the place, and get access to all the information you need so planning is more convenient. No need to add contacts, look at maps, or search all over the web anymore—all you need is Lemi!

We Think Positive

Negative reviews are all over the web. Sometimes, these reviews make an otherwise awesome venue become a place you would rather not visit. Lemi’s community shares positive and honest recommendations that focus on the good. A bad experience for one person may be an amazing one for another. More than giving establishments a chance, Lemi helps you get a chance to see for yourself. Find hidden gems and what they have to offer with Lemi—and perhaps discover a few local secrets!