Lemi for Scrapbooking

Save your memories on Lemi: add multiple photos, jot your experiences down, and collect them all within a clean and organized list. Share your list with our global community and put your masterpiece out there!

All in One Place

All the good stuff about your favorite places are on Lemi⁠—locations, contact numbers, websites, and more! All you have to do is snap, post, and jot down the wonderful memories you have of a place. Even if you forgot to take your own pictures, Lemi has a wide catalog of photos taken by users like you. Make a list of places you love and look back at your memories all within the convenience of your own profile. When you decide to recapture the memories, all the details are there and you just have to go!

No Clutter

Scrapbooking on Lemi is clutter-free with a clean and user-friendly interface. Skip the scissors and the kraft paper to curate memories. Create the lists in your profile to organize your scrapbook, arrange posts to your liking, and add as many photos as you want. Pin the most memorable lists at the top of your profile so it’s easy to pick them out of the bunch. Add as much as you wish, Lemi do the rest!

Share and Compare

The same places don’t always create similar memories. You may have a crazy memory of a place and another may have a romantic one. At Lemi, we have a community of like-minded people who are happy to share what makes places special. Look through our users’ lists and you will find new ways to make memories of a place where you already have fond remembrances. Find your niche. Share, compare, and prepare to make new memories⁠—maybe even with people you meet on Lemi!