Lemi for Partners

Our business partners benefit from digital and guerrilla marketing exposure, as well as visibility within the app. Our deals give business partners the opportunity to acquire and retain customers by getting our user base to go to their establishments.

Content Marketing

We promote our business partners in-app, through social media, and email newsletters. What sets our marketing apart is that we produce unique and content-heavy material that really highlights each business—the little details that make our business partners stand out. We don’t put out generic content that is easy to miss.

Increase in Traffic

We reward our user base for recommending our business partners. Sharing means advertising to a wide audience, thereby promoting to more customers, which is rewarded with vouchers; ultimately encouraging our users to visit our business partners frequently. The more our users share, the more exposure the establishment gets.

Acquisition and Retention

When we say we support our business partners, that doesn’t mean we only help them once. We do our best to help them get their customers to keep on coming back. We do it with constant exposure and constant rewards, recognizing honest and positive recommendations that help our global community.