Lemi for Events

Lemi lets you organize events by helping you create a plan through lists. Bring people together by sharing and asking for recommendations! Make a detailed list and ask your guests to collaborate to make the event as memorable as possible.

Catalogue Seamlessly

Help your attendees out easily and conveniently. Create a list on Lemi and add the event venue, the most accessible hotel, and the nearest car park. Make an itinerary for your guests so they won’t have to! Lemi maps the distances between these places automatically and recommends the best driving routes. What’s more, after a long and busy day, guests will look for spots to dine or relax. Add nearby restaurants, parks, and malls to your list and have the event extend beyond the venue.

Get Everyone Together

Invite your guests to download the app and bookmark your list in order to keep them updated about the event, the itinerary, and newly added recommendations. Use it as a virtual guestbook that will help you keep track of your attendees! Your guests may create their own lists and share them with their co-attendees. Lemi will help everyone get to know each other and get to know you.

Options, Options, Options

Lemi’s map feature also recommends nearby establishments, apart from automatically calculating distances and routes. With just a tap, you and your guests will get access to the most talked-about places within the area. On your event list, encourage guests to comment and give their own recommendations! Someone just might fill you in and share a secret go-to spot—a hidden gem made accessible!