Lemi for Communities

We value our tight-knit community. That is why we would like to share the joy of having a positive and supportive community with you. Use Lemi to build relationships in school, in the workplace, or even at home! Lemi brings people together by promoting the spirit of sharing within and outside the platform.

All Walks of Life

Whether it’s a school organization or a corporate company, a community will thrive when its people build good relationships with each other. Lemi operates on word of mouth recommendations—honest and positive reviews of places they’ve been to. Recommendations are great conversation starters. Everyone always has at least one place they recommend and they easily make their mark on others, especially if they are a trusted friend or family member. Lemi helps people suggest places to each other, places that they think the other person will enjoy, to foster positive relationships. Users may also save, share, and discuss wishlist items and memories from different places!

Sharing is Rewarding

—and rewarded! Lemi gives community members the opportunity to get exclusive vouchers for places they recommend. We partner with various hotels, restaurants, shops, and other establishments to reward our users for recommending their businesses. Lemi aims to bring people together by rewarding the spirit of sharing. We believe that sharing is a great way to bring communities closer together through shared experiences. When a user adds an establishment to a list, the reach extends to the rest of the community, encouraging engagement and conversation among users.

Lasting Relationships

Users within a community who follow each other are able to keep track of each other’s recommendations, wishlist items, and memories, even outside the workplace or organization. Lemi helps people keep in touch and stay updated. With the Lemi Thank You program, lasting relationships with establishments are built. Lemi helps businesses lock in customers who keep coming back—perhaps, even with friends they have made through Lemi.