Lemi for Business FAQs

About Lemi for Business

What are the features and tools included in my free Lemi for Business account?

Lemi can be used for free from wherever you are, and doesn’t require you to have a dedicated device to input customer data. The Lemi for Business app works on any Android or iOS device so you can use Lemi whether you’re in your shop, on a delivery, or at home after hours so that you never miss a beat. 

Unlike other platforms, new customers can gain access to your profile, products and services without having to create a profile. Similarly, we make it easy for you to upload products, edit your profile, and make your business more accessible and appealing.

Lemi is all about word of mouth and incentives. On Lemi, share customized coupons with your best customers to push sales. Lemi also turns your customers into ambassadors for your business by letting them share their authentic experiences with the community through reviews, and Lists.

What are the benefits to becoming a Lemi partner business? Is there a joining fee?

It’s absolutely free. Becoming a partner business means free advertisement and access to new features before other businesses might receive them. If you’re interested in becoming a partner business, get in touch with our Business Development team!

Subscription Plans