Lemi for Blogging

Lemi is a platform where passionate people create and share quality content with one another. Your content’s reach is global, and the clean, user-friendly interface is just a bonus!

Global Exposure

Our community comprises members that come from different parts of the world. When you put your work on Lemi, it’s guaranteed that you’re putting it out to be seen by a global audience. Our community members write about everything from lists of hidden gems they recommend to lists of memories that they want to preserve and share. Regardless of what you post about, you will find your niche.

Ease of Use

With Lemi, you get everything you need within one platform. All the details about a place are integrated within every post, without cluttering up your list. Add, edit, and curate posts easily with our user-friendly interface. All you have to do is add the place and write away. If you intend to use Lemi for photo-blogging, simply add your photos and they will be up and visible in high resolution, within a minimalist framework.

Passionate Community

When you blog with Lemi, you’re blogging with a community that is passionate about quality content. Most of our users pay attention to the quality of their photos, their writing, and the cohesiveness of their lists. Not only are you putting your work out there, but you’re also showing it to equally passionate and meticulous people.