Lemi Coupons

We can help your business at no cost when you claim your listing on our platform

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

SMEs make up a huge percentage of businesses globally and are responsible for providing jobs to a large part of the world’s population. At Lemi, we aim to help our partners get the attention they deserveーand we can help you, too! 

Tap a whole new market of travelers across the globe through Lemi. We designed Coupons, redeemable through our mobile app, to help create an additional revenue stream for our partners with little effort. 

To become a Lemi partner, you just have to list the products and services you provide then let us handle promoting your business to the rest of the world! 

How do Lemi Coupons Work?

We know you need those sales, so why shell out more money than you need to on advertising? It’s a good thing Lemi coupons don’t need you to pay anything upfront. 

  1. Through Lemi Partnerships, businesses can place their products and services as regular- or discounted-priced coupons on the app. 
  2. Businesses will not pay Lemi for the coupons. Lemi only gets a percentage of the sales from each coupon successfully purchased.

The best thing about the coupons is that your customers can buy them now to keep supporting your business during this unprecedented time. Lemi Coupons give them a chance to support their favorite restaurant, their go-to spa, or a new neighborhood shop by purchasing coupons now, which they can save for use later.

As a business, you can offer different types of coupons for our community to choose from so they can keep supporting you. Here at Lemi, we help businesses in a way they’ve never experienced before. We always do somewhere different to make fun, new experiences.

Find out how you can make “different” good, too! Claim your business listing on Lemi today!