Lemi Coupon Types

Know what kinds of coupons you can offer on Lemi!

We know you’re going through a rough patch, but we believe your business is a fundamentally good business. That’s why we came up with Coupons. We offer these coupons to our global community while promoting your business and helping you to get cash now.

Guidelines for Coupons:

  1. The business will decide which products and services to upload as coupons.
  2. The business will provide the terms and conditions of each coupon.
  3. The minimum amount for each coupon is US$6.00 or its equivalent to the business’ local currency.

To further support businesses, Lemi came up with different coupon types that businesses can choose from to help them structure their coupons in the Platform.

  1. Bundles
    The more the merrier!
    Sell gift certificates in bundles. This will ensure that 1 transaction makes you sell 5 or more of your gift certificates. Example: Get 10 US$50 gift certificates for only US$400.
  2. Discounts
    Who wouldn’t love a discounted product or service?
    Pick your most wanted product or service and sell it on the platform at a discounted price.
  3. Buy 1 Share 1
    Moments are more fun when you share it with someone!
    Choose one of your most stocked products or most requested services and sell it on the platform as a set. Example: Buy US$10 worth of coffee and get 1 coffee free to share with a friend! The user must be with someone when she uses the coupon, which will help you spread the word about how great your business is!
  4. End of Day Sale
    There are businesses that must sell their products or services at the end of the day to ensure the freshness of stocks for the next day. Let’s turn that dilemma into cash! Sell your products and services at a discounted price at a certain time of the day or before closing time. Example: 20% Off on all pastries at 8:00PM.
  5. Packages
    Everyone loves to pay less and get more!
    Choose a product or service that you want to put together and sell it on the platform. Example: Buy 5 US$10 worth of food items for only US$40, Buy 5 US$50 worth of yoga sessions for US$200.

Know more about which coupon type suits your business. 

Contact a Lemi Account Manager no for more information.