Know Your Customers

Lemi consolidates and organizes your customer details all in one spot, keeping you organized and allowing you to create a more personalized experience for your customers and make useful connections for marketing your products, services and coupons. 

Manage. All customer details such as contact info, customer preferences, birthdays, special dates and favorite products are stored in your Customer Database. Any notes about the customer that stand out are also stored. Imagine you are a cake shop owner and  see a customer’s birthday is coming up. Offer them a discount coupon on a birthday cake to make a sale, or a free gift to make them feel special or valued. 

Personalize. Each customer’s sales history and frequency of purchases is stored in Lemi so you’re able to see how often they buy, and what they buy. You see from your records one of your customers has previously purchased four red velvet cakes. Use this information later to make more personalized incentives and recommendations to your customer. Maybe you offer them a free red velvet cupcake on their birthday instead of chocolate or vanilla, making your gift thoughtful and personalized. 

Update.  See what products have been successful, and what other products might be worth getting rid of because of inadequate by accessing your customer records. View trends in customer buying (or non-buying) and use these stats accordingly to update your pricing and products.