Incentivise with Promos

Lemi Business highlights your promos and sale deals to Lemi users and makes it easier for customers on other platforms to discover your business. These listings give you the boost you really need to:

Increase sales. Highlight your promotions and deals by directly translating them to promos. Lemi’s Promo Section is more free advertisement for your business, everyone on Lemi is able to discover you while browsing the section for deals.  Promos attract new customers, and allow them to either try your products at a discounted price, receive an item with purchase, or get a free gift, the choice is yours! Lemi makes the parameters of your promos totally customizable. 

Cross-promote. Advertise your deals and sell promos easily on other platforms via a share link that will take the customer straight to your Lemi Promo and make your profile easily accessible. Send promos to customers on Lemi Chat, or through SMS to bring awareness to your brand as a great marketing tool. Promos for your business also appear in all recommendations, memories, and wishlists in Lemi to encourage new sales. 

Influence. People tend to take to social media platforms to complain. Not on Lemi! We incentivize customers to give positive reviews where credit is due, and to be generous with praise where it’s deserved. The better your promos, the more sales you make, and the more commission your loyal customers make too. It’s just nice all around!