How to earn gems

There are lots of ways to earn gems in Lemi!

Buying promos

On the Market tab you’ll find promos from great local businesses. If you purchase any paid promos, you’ll receive gems!

Write posts

If you write a post about a great local business, and then someone else purchases a paid promo from that business, you receive gems!

Complete challenges

You can earn gems just by completing simple challenges in Lemi. Here are the ways you can earn gems! Note each challenge can only be completed once!

Added a profile picture20
Made your first post20
Made your first post with a picture30
Made your first list (3 posts)50
Made your second list (5 posts)50
Liked your first post10
Followed a business10
Followed a friend10
Liked a list10
Followed 10 new people50
Followed 50 new people100
Complete bio20

Once you complete a challenge, you’ll receive a notification with a button to claim your gems.

Look out for other ways to earn gems coming soon!

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