What is Lemi?

Lemi is a global community of people from 97 countries who make recommendations to promote great local businesses all around the world.

Why do I see content from other people when I first open the app?

Honest and positive recommendations are the heart of Lemi. Our users have created a wide variety of content meant to inspire exploration and encourage new encounters for locals and travelers alike. You can discover more posts and lists in our Discover tab and filter by city.  

How do I search through Lemi’s content?

Our users create a variety of list types and recommendations from all around the world. Search through these recommendations by place, people, post or list. Just tap in the search field on the Home tab. 

In Search tab you can search for a keyword and narrow your results down to Places, People, Posts, Market, and Lists. For example, search for a restaurant in Places or a username in People.

What is the Map for?

Our Map shows you all recommendations from our community that is near your current point of location—perfect if you are feeling spontaneous or adventurous! To view other cities and all its recommended places, just tap “Places in ________” to center into another part of the Map.


Create wonderful lists on Lemi! Share your recommendations, wishlists, and memories to inspire others to discover what other places have to offer.

How do I create a list?

It’s really easy! Head over to your Profile and click on the “New List” button on the screen. Create any type of list—whether it be on countries to visit, tourist attractions to see, shops to explore, or restaurants to try. With Lemi, there’s no limit to your creativity. Make any list you want, any way you want to.

Why can’t I upload videos?

We are currently working on this feature, so stay tuned!

Can I make lists through your website?

Yes! Sign-up or log in by clicking on the buttons at the upper right hand corner of the website. It’s an easy and convenient way to create lists, search places, and browse through other users’ posts. 


Lemi is also useful for planning trips. Map out your routes from lists, calculate distances from different points, get full details of the places you want to visit and save other users’ recommendations for future trips!

What is the use of the “Save” bookmark button?

Hit the “save” bookmark if you see a place in a list or on the Discover feed, and want to remember it for future reference. This allows you to save any place in either a new list or an existing list.

Is there a way to calculate the distances of my locations on my list?

Click on “View Map” while browsing a list and you would be able to calculate your itinerary from:

1) your current location, 

2) from your hotel, or; 

3) from one location to another. 


Lemi believes in word of mouth recommendations and isn’t afraid to reward it! Head over to your Badges tab to see the full list of badges to collect. You can also find exclusive coupons and offers with our partner establishments in the Market tab.

What are Badges?

Badges are awards given for good content on Lemi. When you hit any of our criteria, you will be automatically given a badge that will be displayed in your collection. Check out all of the badges you’ve collected in the “Badges” section to see badges you still have to get!

How do I find offers and coupons?

At Lemi, we reward users who inspire others to try amazing experiences and support local businesses. Our partner businesses have posted amazing deals and coupons in the Market tab. Some offers are free, such as a 10% discount on your next purchase, while others require payment, such as exclusive deal where you can purchase an item for PHP 500 that would usually cost PHP 1,000.

How do I partner with Lemi?

Interested to be our partner? Claim your business on Lemi. You can also hit us up at partnerships@lemiapp.com! We’re open to a variety of partnerships. We look forward to hearing from you!


There is content on Lemi I want removed

Found content on Lemi you would like to have removed? If you posted the content yourself, you can easily delete it. For example if you content posted to Lemi that you don’t want to be visible any more, you can change the privacy settings, delete the post, or the whole list from the Lemi app or website. You can also delete your whole Lemi account at any time by visiting Account Settings or contacting us.

Content that you post publicly may still be indexed by search engines even after you delete it from Lemi. You can request removal of content in Google by filling out this form.

If you find content on Lemi which you would like removed but which you did not post yourself, including any content which you believes breaches our Community Guidelines, please contact us for assistance.