Engage with Lemi Chat

Included with Lemi Business is a safe and accessible communication channel which enables you to chat directly with your customers. With Lemi Chat, increase your customer engagement and satisfaction by answering queries more quickly and efficiently in order to make the sale. Lemi Chat features:

Notifications. Lemi alerts and allows you to see your customer chat in both our app, and on your web browser. If you’re out and about on a delivery and away from your computer for the day, with your Chat features in the Lemi app you’ll never miss a customer interaction. Be in contact more frequently, and to never miss a sale because you’re away from your desk.

Encryption. We encrypt all communication, so your conversations with customers stay private and all information shared is protected. Feel free to chat freely with your customers about whatever you like! The conversation stays between the two of you. 

History. Lemi stores your previous chat history, enabling you to view all previous customer communication for easy reference. Reference previous inquiries your customers have made, but haven’t followed up on. Maybe a week ago a customer asked about a massage package he was going to order for his wife’s upcoming birthday, but he didn’t actually go through with the purchase. View your chat history and follow up, or perhaps send a coupon directly through the chat window to nudge make the sale.