Create a Business Profile

Gain sales with Lemi by targeting potential customers who don’t know who you are or what you do yet! Our stylish interface, easy-to-use lists, recommendations and search engine optimization are all available to you for free so people grow to love your local business:

Category Search

Enter the categories and search keywords in your profile that best fit your business, and Lemi makes it easier for new customers to search for you both in Lemi and through search engines such as Google, Bing, Sina, Baudry, and Yahoo. 

Discover through Lists

People often buy from businesses who are experts in their fields. The more generous you are with your knowledge, the more people will share your lists with their friends, and the more new customers will discover you. Show off your business’ expertise by creating your own Lists on different topics! 

Gain Exposure. Lists are themes curated by others on Lemi. On Lemi, your business has the opportunity to appear in unlimited lists, from “Best Coffee Shops” to “Affordable Snacks,” and “Instagrammable Shops” or “Sustainable Services.” The more lists you are featured in on Lemi, the more opportunity new customers have to discover you! 

Build Credibility. You run a coffee shop, and are also a coffee aficionado, having sought out the best cups in your personal travels. By creating a List of where to find the best coffee in cities around the world, your coffee business gains more credibility as an expert in coffee, and also shows up as an author contributing to a frequently searched topic.

Attract Customers. Creating a List of other businesses and activities nearby your coffee shop might make visitors or locals who haven’t been to your part of town to find your area more accessible and attractive. 

Make It Personal. Listing where the best markets are allows customers to learn about how you source your ingredients, and of your commitment to shopping local.

Real Recommendations 

Lemi  believes in the power of word of mouth. We know you are more likely to visit a place recommended by your friend instead of an advertisement you see on social media. Lemi is built to facilitate and promote trustworthy word of mouth marketing of your business by using our global network to promote you. We make sure your coupons appear too, to capture revenue at every opportunity!

Search Engine Optimization

Everything you and others write on your profile, in Lists and through Recommendations, is optimised for search engines, which allows your business to appear more frequently on search engine results. The more written about your business, the higher you’ll appear and the more you’ll get discovered! 

Unlimited Exposure

Lemi will never create roadblocks to prevent people from discovering you. Most social media platforms require potential customers to create a profile just to view your page, only allow people to search for you by typing in your exact company name, or implement a complicated algorithm that hurts you rather than promotes your posts. Often the only way for new customers to find you or for existing customers to actually see your content on these platforms is by paying for advertising. This doesn’t seem fair to us. At Lemi we don’t believe in creating unnecessary obstacles for small businesses. Lemi is built to help you, not hinder you.  

Everything You Need is on Lemi

  • Business Profile
  • Map Location
  • Photo Gallery
  • Products Listing
  • Promotions & Coupons
  • Recommendations & Testimonials
  • Lists 

In addition to all these features, we  provide the following tools:

  • Lemi Chat. An encrypted Chat feature so new customers can contact you directly, in real time – read more
  • Lemi Cart. A shopping cart so you to easily and immediately gain revenue through sales – read more
  • Global Payment. Credit card billing to accept payment from people around the world
  • Local Payment. Local payment billing to accept local currency platforms (like GCash in Philippines)
  • Sales History. A complete transactional history to aid you with bookkeeping and accounting – read more
  • Customer Directory. A database that keeps track of customer history and purchases – read more
  • Loyalty Program. Implement digital points or stamps to reward your customers and encourage future purchases – read more