Access Data Analytics

Lemi Business’ Silver Plan includes a data analytics tool to monitor your customer metrics and usage on your web browser. Easily see important data like the traffic to your profile, the stats your Coupons received, and how many times your products or services are viewed. 

Adapt. Improve your sales by seeing statistics on how your customers interact while they engage with your profile and products. Maybe you’re hesitant to take advantage of Coupon marketing, but then you see from data analytics that every time you upload a new coupon, there’s a trend in new people viewing your business profile, which down the road then leads to a sale. Maybe Coupons wasn’t one of the Lemi marketing tools you thought you would use very often, but then data shows they benefit. 

Improve. With data analytics, see the appeal or the failure of your products and services through hard statistics, and change these products to better suit your audience. Identify which products aren’t getting enough traffic and boost them through coupon promotions, or to notice the products your customers can’t use or just aren’t interested in. With data analytics learn from your mistakes, improve upon what you’re doing right, and ultimately do better business. 

Boost. Lemi gives you the stats for your Coupons sales, how many sold, the number of people who have viewed the coupon, the amount of revenue generated through coupons, to show you how to implement coupons in the best way for your business. Seeing the statistics on the successes or failures of your past and present coupons keeps you in the competition.