Better Photos for your Lemi Profile

March 8, 2022

Ever heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? This is absolutely not a cliché; it’s proven that the eye gravitates towards photos or visuals as opposed to text! That being said, your business profile on Lemi should be all about the visuals, and it’s important to include some scroll-stopping pictures! Now, we aren’t here to talk professional photography or anything too complicated, we know you’ve got a business to run! So while it never hurts to invest in a good DSLR, you’ll see from the photos taken by some of our top Lemi brands that a recent iPhone will do the trick if you know what you’re doing! Here are a few tips for you to ensure your products are ready for their close-up without investing too much time or money.

1. Good Lighting

First is first, the number one rule to any good photo is having great lighting. You can ensure this by taking your shots outdoors during the day, or near a window in a light-filled room. You’ll find natural light from the sun triumphs over a camera’s flash.

In this photo from B.D.F.O., they make great use of the sunset to bounce off their tee.

2. Focus

While a clear-cut photo of your product is absolutely essential, you can’t just snap a pic and call it a day. Pay attention to the background. Make sure it isn’t too busy or distracting from the product. We know you have a million things to do as an entrepreneur, but check that what’s in the frame is in focus, and take the time to review your photos before you put your product away. Consider taking safety shots where you give the subject more space up top and on the sides just in case you need to crop!

Baby Fresa makes great use of a simple flat lay and flower accents to highlight the pink and greens of their Strawberry Coaster without causing a distraction.

3. Action Shots

Make your product feel alive and relatable with the use of some action shots. Photos that involve people using and enjoying your products can inspire your viewer. Snap a photo of someone taking a smiling bite out of one of your cookies, or take a shot of someone in the sneakers you designed out and about on the streets of your gorgeous city. It never hurts to put a friendly face to your brand!

Que Rico shows that they’re not just selling t-shirts, but they’re also a celebration of the Latinx community.

4. The Rule of Thirds

Time to get a little technical, but not complicated! One of the most basic rules in photography is the ‘Rule of Thirds.’ Imagine a 3×3 grid over your photos, much like a tic-tac-toe board. (Hint: did you know you can turn on the grid option in your camera phone’s settings?!) To use the ‘Rule of Thirds,’ position your subject along where these grid lines intersect to instantly give your photos a more balanced look. For example, you’ll want to position someone’s eyes along one of the top two intersections, or if you have a logo, it’ll look best running along the horizontal lines.

Amara Lashes makes great use of the Rule of Thirds to highlight the subject’s face and lashes.

5. Keep Resolution High

Now that you know how to take a well-lit focused shot and get a visually appealing angle using ‘The Rule of Thirds,’ there’s one last step to ensure success. Keep your image resolution high! More often than not, when we send photos over through text message or post them on Facebook, our devices compress our photos, and making them smaller and therefore more pixelated than they should be. When sending over your shots to the Lemi team, we recommend sending them over email, Google Photos or Drive, iMessage, or Dropbox.

Do make sure to send the original file straight off your device, and not from a screen grab or download from your website or another existing web post. While it can be easy to send the Lemi team your Facebook or Instagram link to collect your product photos, they won’t be as high-resolution as sending them directly to us. Similarly, sending photos over WhatsApp and other messaging apps will compress your files. The extra time it takes send an email or upload them to Dropbox will go a long way in preserving your photo quality.

If you follow these simple tips, your profile on Lemi should come out looking great! We want your products to shine in all their glory and to attract more customers, and photography is important for that. If you have trouble or any questions, feel free to message our team for more assistance! We want you to be able to make a living doing what you love!

Lemi Editing Services

You may not have the eye for editing, but luckily for you, we’ve got in-house photo editors and visual artists that can make your pictures pop! We’ll carefully touch up your pictures to truly highlight your products, without going into an overedited mess.

The colors and small details of Honeysuckle Tea Time’s cake really shine through after some touching-up from Lemi’s professional photo editor.

If you want your photos professionally edited, contact the Lemi team for prices and promo packages!