Manifesting Greatness with Yazmin of The Good Wick

March 8, 2022

Yazmin firmly believes in the Law of Attraction—a philosophy that you attract what you want to attract. When you’re thinking positive thoughts, positive things will come to you. The first step in self-care is mentally being kind to yourself. It’s easy to fall into the habit of becoming an observer of your own life and scrutinizing every little mistake you make that no one else sees. That’s why Yazmin started The Good Wick in the Philippines, to help people clear their own space of negative thoughts and manifest brighter days.

The popularity of crystals has been on the rise in recent years, but Yazmin has been on the crystal wave since the year 2000. She first discovered them as a member of the global community of yoga practitioners while living in Hong Kong. “My HK-local colleagues would give me jade to heal injuries and citrine for luck when it was time for our annual salary increase,” Yazmin recollected fondly. “You’d find them in most stalls of Mongkok and Causeway Bay!”

Since then, Yazmin has been promoting the power of crystals back home in Manila. Every candle from The Good Wick encourages you to reconnect with what you’ve lost or struggling to reach. Yazmin blends most of her scents based on oils she handpicked herself, and claim to have the largest collection of crystal candles in the market, so you know they have the right candle for any mood you’re looking to recreate at home.

The Manifestation Set from The Good Wick

The merger of crystals and candles is a no-brainer at The Good Wick. Yazmin notes that crystals work best when charged in the light, so a candle provides greater positive energy at any time while setting the mood with a complementary aroma. Yazmin does warn that crystals alone won’t make you rich overnight, and you still have to put in the hard work, creativity, spirituality, and integrity to make it in life. The Good Wick will emit good vibes and help put you in the mindset to practice the law of attraction.

Yazmin recommends creating a small, round space at home for starters. Something like a small coffee table will do. Light your candle to charge your crystal and fill the atmosphere with good intentions. “Think about the things you want—joy, a successful business, meeting that special person. Fill your sacred space with your vibrations and wishes.”

The Good Wick’s success is only the beginning for Yazmin and her empire of self-care. She plans to start two more brands, one in fragrances and the other in skincare, all with the goal of loving yourself. 

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