Hi Harry and Meghan, want to do an internship at Lemi?

January 10, 2020

Hi Harry and Meghan! I heard you might need a job, so I thought I’d write to you to let you know about the opportunities we have available at Lemi. I’m also from Sussex, and married an American! Small world, eh?

Now I know you are looking for financial independence. Coincidentally, we’re hiring for interns and I think you two might be a great fit!

Lemi is a travel platform which is changing the way people travel, by focusing on authentic recommendations. What’s great about Lemi is that you can make lists of places which represent your values, like @nicolette’s list of ethical stores in Manila.

Perhaps you could help us make a list of conservation projects that work to protect Africa’s natural heritage, or places which support the lives of servicemen and women.

Words are powerful, take our word for it. Like you, we believe in supporting local businesses and organizations to find powerful solutions that can help the world’s social and environmental problems, and reduce the impact of mass tourism.

And don’t worry, if you ever miss the royal lifestyle, we’ve got a whole list of fairytale castles to look at.

I know your CV may be a bit rusty, so take your time if you need to step back from royal duties so you have time to update it. We’ll be waiting for your email.