New on Lemi: Create your lists on web!

October 22, 2019
Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

We know how much you enjoy sharing your experiences, so we rolled out an easier way for you to explore and create new content on Lemi. Our website is now jam-packed with more information and new features. Start creating your lists on the web today!

Easy, Breezy

You can now access your profile, explore lists and destinations, and create lists on your desktop. Log in through the website to enjoy everything the app offers and much, much more. Click on the “New List” button on your profile and type away. Get inspired to write your story. We’re excited to see what you post!

Massive Exposure

One of the perks of making your Lemi lists and posts available on the web is that they become search-engine-optimized, so more readers can easily find your content. Plus, your posts are automatically sorted into the right tags and categories. You won’t just reach a wider audience, you will reach the right audience. Your lists will reach Lemi’s global community as well as like-minded people online.

Anytime, Anywhere

Great ideas need to be written down. All the inspiration that comes to you may now be conveniently typed out on Lemi, no matter what device you’re on. Some people like to snap, upload, and type on their phones while some need time to sit down and type on a keyboard. Whether you’re on the go or by your desk, you have options. Lemi provides you with a world of possibilities⁠—and it’s now accessible on web!


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