Introducing: Lemi Thank You

October 22, 2019

The concept of Lemi revolves around word of mouth recommendations — you go to a place because your friend recommends it to you.

Mutual Benefit

When you post recommendations on Lemi, you’re not just helping other people discover new things—you also become the voice of small businesses, showcasing their best parts and the little things that make them special. In return, you get the chance to visit them all over again at special rates and experience the other wonderful things they offer.  If you haven’t visited a recommended place yet, add it to your wishlist and get a chance to get rewards, too!

In-App Access

We hope to get people to post more about places they love and share good experiences with friends. When you post about certain businesses, you help them thrive and gain happy customers. As a way to thank you, they provide rewards and vouchers as tokens of appreciation. These vouchers can only be activated once and can be redeemed within 15 minutes before they expire.

Lemi Communities

Lemi Communities are exclusive groups in the platform that get more rewards and immediate access to deals and discounts. To be part of this program, get in touch with our team! Use Lemi to build relationships in school, in the workplace, or in your community. Lemi brings people together by promoting the spirit of sharing within and outside the platform.


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