How Lemi helped RubyConfTH give delegates a great conference experience

October 1, 2019

RubyConfTH was a tech conference for fans of the Ruby programming language, held in Bangkok in September 2019. It was the first Ruby conference to be held in Thailand, and attracted over 250 delegates from around the world, including speakers from all 6 continents.

For many of the delegates, it would be their first time in Thailand, and so the organizing committee wanted to ensure they were able to make the most of their time in South East Asia.

RubyConfTH used Lemi to create a list of useful information and places for conference attendees. This included the location of the official conference hotel and party venue, coffee shops, restaurants and parks around the conference venue, as well as a curated selection of tourist attractions across the city.

Because Lemi automatically made a map of all the places in the list, and showed addresses, opening times, and photos, the organizers saved lots of time on verifying and validating information.

The list was distributed to all attendees before the conference and linked from the conference website. With a simple link, anyone could view the list of places, and they had the option to download the Lemi app for Android and iOS if they wanted to have the list on their phone.

In the post-event survey sent to all attendees, there were several comments from delegates about how useful the Lemi list had been:

Excellent information up front! While I’ve been to Bangkok many times, I really appreciated the information on Lemi

RubyConfTH delegate

It was all perfect, the tour guide in Lemi was of great help in the days before the event

RubyConfTH delegate

I loved the quick overview of things to do in Bangkok – useful for those of us who haven’t been there before (it was my first time.)

RubyConfTH delegate

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