Local potential: Why you should support local

September 11, 2019
Photo by Maheima Kapur on Unsplash

Supporting local is becoming a trend all across the globe–and for good reason! Beyond the Insta-worthy mason jars, rustic found-object furniture, and handcrafted finds is a budding empire built on positive support. Supporting local means helping build personal relationships, local communities, and the local economy.

To Build the Economy

SMEs are more likely to get local suppliers and use local services. If you go to a coffee shop, for example, that uses single-origin locally sourced beans versus one that uses imported commercialized ones, you are not only supporting one local business; you are supporting the local coffee industry and the local farmers. Supporting local SMEs means supporting a chain of other local businesses and thereby supporting the local economy. These SMEs also create more jobs for the members of the community. They give fair wages and provide better working conditions than most chains do. 

To Build Character 

Unlike large chains and corporations, local SMEs give careful attention to their products and service. Every detail is meticulously taken care of. That’s why when you think local, you think oversized and overly-decorated milkshakes, craft coffee, artisanal bespoke jewelry, and what have you. When these SMEs come together within a community, they make the area burst with character! You will be offered with myriad choices and a ton of variety. Local SMEs are usually born out of unique ideas, bringing forth originality and kitsch in an otherwise homogenized commercial world.

To Build Relationships

Local businesses have niche markets and because of that, customers are treated with familial care. No wonder small local cafes and restaurants are often described as homey, cozy, and warm. When you frequent a local establishment, chances are you’ll have the opportunity to chat with the owner, the staff, and other customers, fostering a nurturing environment that’s attentive to each other’s needs. This helps build lasting bonds between the customer and the business, as well as within the mini-community nestled in the establishment. When you support local, you are supporting a sense of community with people just like you.


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